Comprehensive Plan 101 Video

Hey, do you have questions about what a Comprehensive Plan is or how getting involved in Norwalk’s 2040 Plan can impact your quality of life? We’ve assembled a short video that will answer many of your questions! Click play below or head over to the Comprehensive Planning 101 page now! Also, please don’t forget toContinue reading “Comprehensive Plan 101 Video”

Joint Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council Workshop #1

We held the first of two Joint Norwalk Planning and Zoning Commission and Norwalk City Council Planning Workshops yesterday evening. I believe it was great meeting and we spent a good deal of time discussing Planning and Zoning Commission’s and City Council’s expectations for the planning process and the 2020 Comprehensive Plan. The two groupsContinue reading “Joint Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council Workshop #1”

Plan Steering Committee Meeting #1

We held the first Plan Steering Committee Meeting this afternoon and this plan is in good hands! Below and on the “Meeting Presentations” page of this site you will find a PDF of the Presentation slides from today’s meeting for review. Please take a minute and check out the online engagement tools we’ve launched asContinue reading “Plan Steering Committee Meeting #1”